Custom Design

The International Woodworking Fair: Arauco - Flakeboard

The 2014 International Woodworking Fair was an exciting show for us.  We have worked with Flakeboard for over 15 years but this project was a little different: Arauco recently purchased Flakeboard and this was their first joint show in North America.  Working closely with their Marketing teams during both the design and construction phases, we incorporated their own wood products into the booth.  Here are some photos of the build in our shop & warehouse in Brampton, Ontario:

In our CASE STUDY view show photos and read more about our collaboration with Flakeboard &  Arauco.

Microsoft Canada's Shadow Box Booth

I was just able to get some photos from our newest build - we call it Microsoft Canada's 'Shadow Box' exhibit.  These images are from a recent Future Shop event that took place in downtown Toronto.  Our crew set up this custom designed exhibit in a day (I should have a video of the installation up by next week). The walls are about 10' high and 20' wide.  The white panels are a high gloss laminate - while the back-walls were inspired by "shou-sugi-ban" a Japanese wood burning techniqueWith only 3 weeks to design and build this booth - everyone was excited to see it come together.