Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?  The short of it is - not quite.  The long story is - that creating a new blog page was easy.  Making sure everything is perfectly aligned, has the right widgets, the right imagery, the right settings is not.  Getting caught up in the technical aspect is not really where I wanted to end up.  

The Exhibit Solutions blog has been created so that we have a place to share experiences, educate, showcase designs, share 'things' (art/design/technology/innovations) - essentially anything exhibit, event or trade show related that we get excited about.  As a boutique exhibit house we are small enough to engage the whole team and our clients in discussions over advancements in booth lighting, new fabric graphics, green flooring, and the list goes on.  The fun part is that we are big enough to actually try these things out in our booths.  So - with that said, I look forward to sharing our story with you and in time I will master the page alignment and blog widgets too.