Interior Design Show 2014 - a special preview

As I predicted - we were not disappointed at the Interior Design Show (#IDS14).  The morning was spent along side design students, interior designers, and other industry professionals - all excited to see what the show had to offer this year.

Some of our favorites were the BigFoot Door booth, the Solo Home exhibit and the 'experience' at the Miele Booth.  I was also blown away by some of the beautiful lighting, rugs and furniture some of the smaller and more independent designers brought to the show.  I found myself stalking the Reed Hansuld booth because of the beautifully crafted chairs he showcased (yes....chairs).

Here is just a small collection of what inspired us today:
(images are also on our INSTAGRAM @exhibitcanada)

Next stop - the Interior Design Show (IDS) 2014

Registered & badge printed. 


A group of us from the office are heading to the Interior Design Show tomorrow!  We get a sneak peek on 'Trade Day' and from the photos I've seen on the IDS Instagram feed, we will not be disappointed.  Although most of the work we do is focused primarily on a more corporate clientele, I'm sure I can speak for the rest of the team and say that it's refreshing to attend the IDS  or IIDEX shows for some inspiration.  Even when we are crafting a rental exhibit, each booth is custom designed and we add special features, textures, materials, lighting to make them unique.  I'm looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us!