Excitement this week? A really cool time lapse device.

I was contemplating what I could share with you this week and even though we are currently gearing up for some major trade shows in the next month I kept thinking about this very cool product:

"RADIAN - a motion time lapse device for everyone" Kris Cheng - co-founder

(I'll post another update with photos on the exhibits we are building for Kruger and Flakeboard in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned).

Back to Radian.  I know it's not directly trade show related but I'm sure a lot of you photography enthusiasts, IPhone lovers, Engadget readers, builders, stagers, designers, artists, and of course exhibitors....will appreciate this gadget. (watch it here !)

Radian: a motion time-lapse device for everyone from Kris Cheng on Vimeo.

A time lapse video is a very unique way to showcase changes over time.  As you can see in our recent exhibit build for Microsoft on YouTube, it's a great way for an exhibitor to see their booth come to life.  I used to believe that  things like this were only for photography professionals but Radian is compact, has a very clean design, can move from side to side, tilts up and down, is programmed with your Smartphone app and on top of all that - it is extremely affordable even to the casual user.

It's not yet in production (we came across it through a great program/site called Kickstarter "a funding platform for creative projects.")  I'm not using this post to get you to pledge, I just wanted to share a very cool product because we love to support innovation and the entrepreneurs who create, design, and bring them to us.

I believe the reason we relate to things like this is because we are a small boutique exhibit house.  We like to push our boundaries, we like to try new products, and we like to design & build exhibits with the same enthusiasm that these entrepreneurs do.

Here are some more images:

(Source - Kickstarter)