The Challenge

Any Microsoft design demands a modern edge, quality and flexibility. Different shows required their booth to have multiple size configurations while promoting the new Microsoft Windows or Xbox products. They also wanted to integrate their six existing TVs, Xbox units and hardware in the design.

Ultimately, their goal was to promote new products and make training a more interactive and unique experience.

Our Solution

Our design was very different from a traditional classroom training session. The lounge was created from six modules that could be combined or broken down for the various booth sizes required at different shows. The lounge allowed trainers and their groups to sit right in front of the large TVs and immerse themselves in the software and games. To give the experience more depth, we included dimensional logos and compelling accents, such as the multi-coloured glowing counters and light towers across product groups. 

The Result

Their new design was extremely well received by booth staff, attendees and show managers. It was used in over a dozen shows throughout the year and has won multiple awards.


The sleek custom design combined existing monitors with new hardware to transform a formal classroom into a relaxed and engaging learning environment.

Using eco-friendly LED light towers, we defined the training spaces and coordinated different colours to support specific products, while maintaining the look and feel of the lounge.

We incorporated light towers, furniture, and accessories to create a unique environment for every booth size. This consistent branding across different shows won Microsoft numerous awards.