The Challenge

First Capital Realty is a developer known for their thriving urban retail properties.  The keywords used on their website to describe their work: functional designs, commitment to excellence and highly selective.  We kept these words in mind during the planning and design of their new custom exhibit. The booth had to be innovative, reflect their story, and set them apart from other developers in a competitive Canadian market.

Our Solution

Our design team focused on creating a space that was functional for all their meetings, as well as, an environment that spoke to, conveyed and communicated First Capital’s story.  We sought out to create something that was different from the other booths at the shows. Instead of highlighting projects against a white backdrop we crafted a booth that incorporated dark colours, rich textures and ultra-matte finishes.  The core design feature was the trellis. Elements such as lighting, marble slabs on the towers and plank flooring on the meeting room walls & ceiling, were all meticulously considered.  We were selective about the finishes, and fabrication was of the highest quality.

The Result

Innovative and confident.  Two words we would use to describe First Capital’s booth presence on the opening day of the ICSC show in Toronto.  The layers of structure and the different finishes made the exhibit striking, bold, yet warm and inviting.  Their sales team were excited to entertain and meet with clients throughout the space over the two-day event.  They received compliments on their new exhibit from team members, attendees and competitors, alike.  First Capital Realty continues to stand out as a leader at their industry events.


Spanning 40 feet, the trellis floated above the booth and seamlessly continued down the side to create a stunning wall that separated First Capital from their neighbours.  The trellis was fabricated in multiple pieces, assembled on the floor and hoisted up by nine separate rigging points.


Marble slab veneers were used to create the reception and meeting room towers.  Pushing the limits of trade show installations, we wanted to bring the look and feel of high-end commercial and retail spaces to the trade show floor by using real marble in their booth.


With the addition of new properties to their portfolio and continuously changing projects, we showcased visuals and messaging on video walls throughout the space.  Portrait and landscape orientations allowed for different ways to highlight the videos produced for the shows.