The Challenge

ARAUCO, a global leader in the development of sustainable forest products, manufactures composite panels, plywood, millwork, lumber and pulp.  They also produce composite and thermally-fused melamine panels.

Our objective for the International Woodworking Fair was to craft an inviting exhibit that highlighted their product lines and showcased them as market leaders.

Our Solution

We exclusively used Arauco's wood board panels in the construction of their trade show booth to showcase their products. The exhibit walls and pendant lighting were crafted from their materials.  

To facilitate good traffic flow, enable visitors to easily see samples, and create some visual interest, we kept the core of the booth open, fabricated custom furniture out of Arauco’s new materials and designed the TFL displays in a vertical, louvered configuration.

The Result

Set among all the exhibitors at the IWF show, their new booth was striking.  Clean lines and a considered use of their wood products made their exhibit stand out. It left a lasting impression on all the visitors and the response was overwhelmingly positive. 


To display our client's products and collaborations we designed and fabricated a custom library using their wood board combined with matte black powder-coated metal. Staging the area with various accessories we wanted to ensure every element was considered and even included Arauco’s corporate lifestyle photos in the various picture frames.